Quirky Soul College has launched the first dynamic NFT-based game on the Neo N3 blockchain. There is a total supply of 10,000 QSC NFTs, each of which carry an initial mint cost of 9 GAS. The mint began at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on Monday, Oct. 31. At 11:00 p.m. on Nov. 1, the mint price will permanently increase to 15 GAS.

Quirky Soul College was developed by Rentfuse founder, Michael Fabozzi, and was designed to be a Tamagotchi-like game where characters grow over time. The objective of the game is to acquire QSC NFT characters and level them up to win missions more efficiently and earn rewards. The QFC NFTs will also be used to determine the stories that can be integrated into gameplay. The lore of the first chapter can be found here.

Dynamic NFTs have updatable metadata that can be altered when triggered by smart contracts. The character images are dynamically generated onchain and are updated according to certain conditions. Example conditions include when a character is on a mission, when a character dies, and more.

When minting a QSC NFT, Neo’s verifiable random function will generate the character’s DNA, from which its traits and starting abilities will be derived.

Quirky Soul College NFTs. Source: quirkysoulcollege.com

Each QSC NFT will contain various attributes, including seven visual traits (i.e., background, shirt, hair), one secret trait, and six abilities (i.e.,vitality, brawn, quirkiness). As the user plays the game, characters obtains experience points that can level them up and increase ability statistics.

Whenever a QSC NFT is minted, the user will also receive a “backpack airdrop” of 10 FDE tokens that will allow them to embark on missions. Though, FDE tokens won’t be available until the development team is ready to launch the game, slated for a Q4 2022 release. In the game’s Discord server, Fabozzi said, “The contract is already ready and reviewed. We just have to arrange a few game parameters and we are good to go.”

Field Dark Elixir Tokens

Alongside the NFTs, Quirky Soul College will also implement a Field Dark Elixir NEP-17 token. FDE tokens are the game’s utility token used to purchase items in the college, embark on missions to earn more FDE tokens, and heal injured characters.

FDE will utilize a simultaneously inflationary and deflationary token model that incorporates a fixed initial supply, which dynamically changes according to dApp use. New tokens will be automatically minted by the Quirky Soul College rewards mechanism and burned through in-game interactions.

The initial 1 billion FDE tokens will be distributed accordingly:

  • College treasury: 30% of initial supply (all locked until DAO or community management)
  • Backpack airdrop: 10% of initial supply
  • Staking rewards: 10% of initial supply (all unlocked in 5 years)
  • Liquidity pools: 5% of initial supply
  • Marketing: 10% of initial supply
  • Liquidity reserves: 15% of initial supply
  • Team: 20% of initial supply (half locked for a year)

Gameplay and claiming features are disabled until the launch of the FDE token, tentatively expected in Q4 2022.

The full whitepaper can be found at the link below: