General Updates

Neo Global Development embarked on the final week of the Decoding Web3 USA Campus Tour, visiting with students and blockchain clubs at the University of California – Berkeley and Stanford. The tour concluded at the Bay Venture Club with a final panel discussion by NGD Enterprise, COZ, Neo News Today, and MEXC M-Ventures and Labs.

NGD launched the Lounge, where users can participate in community forums dedicated to specific projects if they meet certain criteria (i.e., holding project tokens). Once part of a project’s community, users can create proposals and vote using a Neo wallet. Currently, users can join One Gate and Mega Oasis communities on the web-based platform.

NEO-BITS completed the beta launch of Neo Soccer, a team management game that requires NEO/bNEO to purchase players, managers, and stadiums to increase the chances of winning matches. Once the team has been assembled, players can participate in 38-day long seasons, practice matches, and knockout-style cup rounds. Outcomes of games are determined according to characteristics (i.e., skills, aggression) and randomization (i.e., luck factors, weather). Players earn bNEO rewards through income via stadium tickets, cup winnings, and prize packages split among the league participants after each season. The second season of Neo Soccer begins at 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Forthewin Network announced the upcoming mint of the Neo Boyz NFT series, which will take place at 5:00 p.m. (UTC) on Nov. 11. The character NFTs will be stored completely onchain and can vary by 138 different attributes. There will be a total supply of 3,333 NFTs and each will cost 5,000 NEP tokens to mint.

Quirky Soul College is launching a dynamic NFT series on Oct. 31. The mint price for each NFT will be 9 GAS, and there is no limit to how many NFTs individual wallets can mint. The QSC team also released more information about the Fresh Dark Elixir NEP-17 token, which will be used to purchase in-game items and can be earned through minting QSC NFTs and performing missions.

TOTHEMOON‘s 10-day giveaway event concluded ahead of First Quarter Phase Mint, which begins at 7:00 p.m. (UTC) on Nov. 1. A total of 7,800 new NFTs will be up for grabs, and will be minted randomly for 15 GAS plus blockchain fees via the TTM Website.

NGD released the monthly technical report for Sep. 2021, which noted the completion of support for dynamic scripts at contract runtime, a new native contract method to simplify iteration over contracts on a network, various enhancements for NeoCLI plugin modules, and various updates from the global Neo developer community. NGD is also hosting a Halloween costume competition with a prize pool of 6 NEO, which concludes at 12:00 a.m. on Nov. 1.

Neo ecosystem projects were presented at the Draper University Demo Days, where Greenfinch, Blockchain Cuties Universe, Rentfuse, Supernova, and Calamus Finance pitched their projects to venture capital investors.

GrantShares proposal Cross Chain Protocol Rubic was put forth and is under discussion.

Supernova suffered a hack that led to the loss of approximately 10 million LFC tokens to a nefarious actor. The team identified the exploit and eliminated the attack vector, and urged token holders to refrain from any further action until further information is available.

NudesToken extended the Quantum Resistant Ledger meme contest through Monday, Oct. 31. Additionally, the team released platform statistics, noting increases in total users, NUDES tokens earned, and NUDES tokens burned.

Developer Updates

COZ released Neon Wallet v 2.16.16, which includes full support for NFTs on Neo N3, a new NFT gallery view, and minor bug fixes. The developer community also updated the Quickvote web portal, which allows Neon users to participate in governance. The service has been updated to the latest version of the WalletConnect protocol, enabling users to vote for Neo Council members.