TOTHEMOON has announced the First Quarter Phase Mint and a 10-day giveaway event. On Nov. 1 at 7:00 p.m. (UTC), a total of 7,800 new NFTs will be up for grabs. These NFTs will be minted randomly for 15 GAS plus blockchain fees via the TTM Website.

The NFTs available in the First Quarter Phase comprise the following: 5,000 Moon Creatures, 2,500 Cryptonauts, 200 Moon Trainers, and 100 Moon Babies.

Additionally, the team is hosting a giveaway event where users may participate in social media promotion for a chance to win. The daily giveaways started Oct. 23, and will continue through Oct. 31. One winner is selected each day, and participants may win more than once. So far, a Moon Creature, Cryptonaut, and a Tier 3 Moon Device have been given away to community members.

The NFTs available to win on each day of the giveaway (Source: ToTheMoon Discord)

To enter, users must:

  1. Follow the official TOTHEMOON Twitter page.
  2. Like and retweet any posts containing the First Quarter Mint Promo video shared on the official Twitter each day.
  3. Leave at least one quality comment on the posts to help raise awareness of the Mint, using appropriate hashtags and tagging three different friends in each comment made.

Winners for each day’s giveaway are selected within the next 24 hours. More details about the giveaway can be found on the official TOTHEMOON Discord channel.

The original announcement may be viewed at the link below: