COZ has released Neon Wallet v2.16.16. The update brings various bug fixes and a new gallery feature for users to view and manage their NFTs .

The NFT Gallery can be found under a new tab in the wallet sidebar. The view leverages the GhostMarket API to pull NFT images and metadata, and provides a convenient interface for transferring individual tokens.

The new NFT Gallery in Neon Wallet for Desktop (watch-only mode)

The team also recently updated the Quickvote web portal, which allows Neon users to participate in governance. The service has been updated to the latest version of the WalletConnect protocol, enabling users to vote for Neo Council members.

Neon Wallet v2.16.16 is also the first version with a dedicated build for ARM64. This allows M1 Mac users to run the application without requiring Rosetta 2, improving performance and battery efficiency.

The latest version of Neon Wallet can be downloaded from the link below: