Five projects from the Neo ecosystem will participate in the upcoming Draper University Demo Day. The projects were among the top ranked in the recently concluded Draper University program, and include Blockchain Cuties Universe, Rentfuse, Greenfinch, Sunday Games, and Calamus Finance. The hour-long webinar event begins at 7:00 p.m. (UTC) on Wednesday, Oct. 26, and advanced registration is required.

The Demo Day is the culmination of a five-week blockchain entrepreneurship program that provided select Neo ecosystem projects with direct access to startup mentors. The projects will pitch their projects live on, which is backed by the venture capital firm a16z. is a crowdfunding platform for Demo Days, where angel investors and VCs can listen to pitches and potentially invest in very early-stage startups.

About the Demo Days Projects

BCU is a blockchain collectible adventure game that launched in Dec. 2017. Players can collect, breed, and take pets on adventures where characters accumulate in-game items. BCU CEO Vladimir Tomko will deliver the Demo Day presentation.

Rentfuse is a renting protocol on the Neo blockchain that allows borrowers to use an NFT for a predetermined period of time in exchange for GAS. This way, owners can lend NFTs to generate revenue, and borrowers can rent NFTs for temporary use. Rentfuse founder Michael Fabozzi will deliver the presentation.

Greenfinch is a Dropbox-like desktop application for macOS and Windows that allows users to upload, download, and store content on the NeoFS distributed storage network. Greenfinch co-founder and front-end developer Robin Green will deliver the presentation.

Sunday Games is a Cyprus-based game development studio founded in 2014, and is building Supernova, a science fiction survival MMORPG. Supernova aims to bring an open world and economy with play-to-earn mechanics to the Neo blockchain. Sunday Games founder Serge Kopov will deliver the presentation.

Calamus Finance is a decentralized cryptocurrency streaming platform that allows users to send and receive payments. The Calamus Finance platform offers features such as token vesting, multi-signature wallet solutions, and support for multiple blockchains. The presentation will be delivered by business development lead Annie Tran.

Registration for the event can be found at the link below: