Carrot Swap has launched an incentivized TestNet and is seeking beta testers to explore the features of its AMM-based non-custodial exchange built on the experimental NeoEVM sidechain. Participants will earn points to qualify for future rewards, such as airdrops and NFTs, when a NeoEVM MainNet launches. Users must have an EVM-compatible wallet (i.e., MetaMask) to participate in the campaign.

The campaign comprises a variety of missions that are available via the CarrotFi leaderboard. Examples of tasks include connecting social accounts, inviting friends, using the faucet, and making transactions.

Source: Carrot Swap

As the user completes the missions, they receive “Carrot Points” and are ranked against the most active participants. The team states that participants will receive additional rewards based on their ranking and points. Carrot Swap co-founder Denis noted in the official Discord server that there will be reward tiers for the incentivized TestNet. He said, “There are two types of rewards: rewards granted based on ranking and rewards granted based on points. I can’t tell specific criteria, higher rankings definitely come with advantages. But there will be more than the top 100.”

Currently, users can swap or provide liquidity with TestNet assets, including GAS, bNEO, USDT, USDC, WBTC, and WETH. To access these TestNet assets, users can visit the #testnet-faucet channel in the official Carrot Swap Discord server and type this prompt: faucet drip [user’s EVM wallet address].

Source: Carrot Swap

To see TestNet assets in the MetaMask wallet, users will need to provide the following hashes via the “Import tokens” function:

  • bNEO : 0xc4E8419afEfb35C057eAC4F1B721e28b9baAEc3c
  • WBTC : 0xe0114Bec0350947FB148007aDB8A42689b924143
  • WETH : 0xbB2cF54C82a6d4137cD88eAF8ad1805D77b3D060
  • USDT : 0x214C329b6fDDD8Ed36Fcb1554AFa767147413C1c
  • USDC : 0x4a0284C70734ca3d1Af51Cac3D34f33547D1A65e

When users perform their first swap or LP staking, they’ll earn points for the campaign, receive an Early Bunny NFT (to mint on MainNet launch), and get a new role title on the Discord server.

Since the campaign’s launch, the faucet has gone offline several times and required maintenance. The Carrot Swap team cited that the RPC servers, at times, have been incapable of handling the large amount of activity generated by the campaign.

The Carrot Swap team launched the Discord server in early Sep. 2023 and noted its plans to participate in the Neo APAC Hackathon. Looking forward, Denis emphasized that they aim to release the beta version of modules that aren’t yet live on the platform, such as staking. He said, “It hasn’t been decided exactly yet, but it seems like it will be released within November.”

The Carrot Swap DEX can be found at the link below: