Meme2Earn is hosting a new meme competition in collaboration with reggae artists MerlinMoon and Alborosie. The goal of the competition is to create the most engaging original memes related to both of the artists. The top 100 meme submissions will share from a prize pool equivalent to US $3,600 in TIPS tokens and NFTs.

Alborosie, an Italian-born reggae musician, has been active since the early 90’s and has grown a large fanbase, with several songs between roughly 11 and 85 million listens on Spotify alone. On social media, he’s amassed a following of nearly 1 million followers across multiple platforms.

MerlinMoon began releasing reggae albums in 2017 and just released their newest single, Last of Kings, featuring Alborosie. The music video was created by SOMNIUMWAVE, a graphic designer in the Neo ecosystem and Flamingo Finance team member. Three other songs on the upcoming album will feature his 3D graphics for the music video.

Competition Rules

There are three requirements to participate in the meme contest. First, create and post any number of memes on the M2E platform between Oct. 10 and 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Saturday, Nov. 11. Second, post a link to the memes on X (formerly Twitter) with the following text:

Look at this #meme I created for the @meme2earn_com x @merlinmoon x @alborosie meme contest where there’s over $3,600 in prizes!


#memecontest #giveaway #memearmy #crypto #memes #merlinmoonmeme #MemeContest #MerlinMoon #alborosie $TIPS $NEO

Third, add the X link to the associated memes on the M2E platform, proving the participant shared the M2E link.

The M2E team notes, “By uploading a meme to Meme2Earn, you agree to “give away” the rights of ownership of your memes and to allow projects to use your memes as they wish.”

Rewards for Top Participants

The top 100 most upvoted memes will share from the prize pool of TIPS tokens and five OG NFTs. The prizes will be distributed accordingly:

  • 1st – 5th place: 1 OG NFT
  • 1st – 100th place: 150 billion TIPS tokens each

OG NFTs were launched in May 2022 as a limited edition release of 100 NFTs, with a goal to offer future benefits for token holders. Today, benefits include access to a special server on the M2E Discord, reduced fees on the M2E platform, voting rights, bonuses on CREDITS purchases, and revenue sharing.

First through fifth place will be judged and determined by their number of X followers, the number of upvotes on their memes, and a joint decision by M2E OG NFT holders, MerlinMoon, and Alborosie.

Holders of the Hired Gun and OG NFTs will receive multipliers for meme upvotes, including a multiplier of 1.3x upvotes for OG NFTs and 1.15x upvotes for Hired Gun NFTs.

Additionally, there’s a bonus airdrop for any user who completes one daily task between 10:00 a.m. on Oct. 17 and 10:00 a.m. on Oct. 24. M2E will distribute 1 trillion TIPS tokens equally between qualifying participants.

To learn more about the competition, visit the link below: