Flamingo Finance has launched a rewards campaign to celebrate the third anniversary of its DeFi platform and the various improvements in the release of Flamingo v3. A pool of US $3,333 equivalent in FLM and GAS has been set aside to reward participants through a Zealy campaign, which is live and concludes at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on Oct. 25.

To participate, users can perform tasks such as joining Flamingo’s social channels and inviting friends to the Zealy page. Additionally, a set of sub-tasks is dedicated to interacting with several planned tweets to be released throughout the next month. The top 100 participants will split the rewards pool accordingly:

  • 1st – 10th Place: $88.30 = $44.15 in FLM and $44.15 in GAS
  • 11th – 20th Place: $65 = $32.50 in FLM and $32.50 in GAS
  • 21st – 30th Place: $55 = $27.50 in FLM and $27.50 in GAS
  • 31st – 40th Place: $45 = $22.50 in FLM and $22.50 in GAS
  • 41st – 50th Place: $35 = $17.50 in FLM and $17.50 in GAS
  • 51st – 60th Place: $20 = $10 in FLM and $10 in GAS
  • 61st – 70th Place: $10 = $5 in FLM and $5 in GAS
  • 71st – 100th Place: $5 = $2.50 in FLM and $2.50 in GAS

In addition to competing for a share of the prize pool, the top three positions on the campaign leaderboard will receive an ambassador role and badge on the official Flamingo Discord server. If any first- through third-place winners are already ambassadors, the designation will be passed on to the next on the leaderboard. 

Flamingo v3

A series of UX improvements have been made to the Flamingo platform, including a redesign of the Earn page and an improved version of the Claim Rewards pop-up.

The Flamingo team also launched new Yield Farming, FLUND, and Earnings pages alongside the UX improvements. The Yield Farming page now groups all liquidity pools by token to make it easier to find specific LPs. The FLUND page includes new statistics, and the Earnings page now features an estimated earnings calculator.

Source: Flamingo Finance.

Lastly, the beta version of the Flamingo Toolbox has been released with support for the module’s first function, Multi Pay. The Multi Pay tool allows users to send assets to multiple wallets simultaneously. The team envisions token airdrops or competition reward distribution as potential use cases.

The Zealy campaign can be found at the link below: