General Updates

Neo Global Development released its general monthly report for August 2023, which showcased the Ho Chi Minh City and Bangalore in-person GAS Station events of the APAC Hackathon tour, Quirky Soul College joining the Neo EcoBoost program, a new Neo course on Crypto Zombies, interviews by Neo co-founder Erik Zhang, and more.

NGD posted an overview video of the Seoul GAS Station, which included interviews with hackathon participants and core contributors to the Neo blockchain.

DogeRift announced the deprecation of the DOGEF token, which will be burnt and converted into DOGER at a 10:1 ratio (DOGEF:DOGER), and other updates to the game, such as new maps, new stadiums, new starting points for the adventure mode, and much more.

Carrot Swap launched a TestNet faucet for its DeFi platform under development on the NeoEVM sidechain. Faucet users can request GAS, bNEO, USDT, USDC, WBTC, and WETH on TestNet. To access the faucet, visit the #testnet-faucet channel in the official Carrot Swap Discord server.

Flamingo Finance launched a rewards campaign to celebrate the third anniversary of its DeFi platform and the various improvements in the release of Flamingo v3. A pool of US $3,333 equivalent in FLM and GAS has been set aside to reward participants through a Zealy campaign, which is live and concludes at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on Oct. 25.

Flamingo also hosted a Community Lagoon live AMA where the team and community discussed the last three years of development, marketing plans, and questions from the community.

Flamingo shared top tokens by volume for Week 38 of 2023, noting approximately $6.5 million in the FLP-FLM-bNEO pool, $2.1 million in the FLP-FLM-fUSDT pool, and $1.6 million in the FLP-FLM-GAS pool.

The R3E Network team opened an alternate GrantShares proposal for its Rust infrastructure, following feedback on its initial submission. The new proposal focuses on a NeoRust SDK. An update was also provided on the World of Elements proposal, with the most recent build version made available for testing and review.

Developer Updates

COZ installed bronze plaques at several artist’s murals throughout the River North neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. The plaques are part of a physical activation of the non-fungible item technology for the street art festival DENVER WALLS. NFI technology, previously exhibited in OneBand rings, is embedded within the plaques so that users can tap each plaque with their cell phones, collect a check mark, and use an interactive map to find the next mural.

COZ’s role in the DENVER WALLS NFI activation was also covered in articles by nft now and Blockster.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 47 of the Smart Economy Podcast featuring Rich Rines, contributor at Core DAO. Topics of discussion included how Core DAO aims to onboard the next billion blockchain users, the importance of decentralization and the multi-chain thesis in the blockchain space, the Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism, and the importance of community-building in the crypto industry.

NNT released an article about the winning projects from the APAC Hackathon GAS Station in Seoul, South Korea. Four teams emerged victorious from the two-day hackathon, including the Excellence Prize winners magipop and SuperSquad, and AWS Winners EZSwap and Moonlight. The Excellence Prize winners walked away with $5,000 in GAS and $1,000 grants to travel to Hong Kong for the finale, and the AWS Winners took home $5,000 in prizes.


Oct. 5: COZ CEO Tyler Adams and AxLabs founder Guil. Sperb Machado co-hosting X Space.
Oct. 27 – 28: Neo APAC Hackathon finale in Hong Kong.

Token Listings

FLM has been added to the Changelly custodial exchange.