Flamingo Finance is hosting a three-month hackathon and offering at least 1,000 GAS in rewards. Dubbed the “Dashboard-athon,” the team seeks to encourage developers to use Neo and Flamingo’s DeFi data to build intriguing educational displays, interactive bots, or other creative tools.

The Flamingo team has provided resources to aid in the competition and intends to offer more useful resources throughout the campaign. A developer GitHub repository contains APIs, documentation, design and image assets, pool data, and other tools. Additionally, the team is on hand to field questions in real-time via the #dev-support channel on the official Flamingo Discord server.

Each submission must be open-source to qualify. Further, if a winning developer or team doesn’t wish to own, host, or maintain their product, Flamingo reserves the right to do so.

To submit the final deliverable, contestants need to direct message a link to the product and supporting files (i.e., video walkthroughs, documentation) to a Flamingo moderator on Discord.

Winning teams will share from the rewards pool accordingly:

  • First Place: 500 GAS
  • Second Place: 300 GAS
  • Third Place: 200 GAS
  • Bonus: The Flamingo team may opt to reward products that didn’t place in the Top 3

The Dashboard-athon will take place from April 8 through July 8, 2024. No signup or registration is necessary.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: