General Updates

Neo Global Development released the general monthly report for Feb. 2024, which noted Da Hongfei’s article about MEV-resistance, the MEV-resistance community campaign on Meme2Earn, the unveiling of the eight projects joining the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program, the Lunar New Year NFT reward campaign, the Smart Economy Podcast meetup at ETHDenver, and more.

NGD Head of Eco Growth John Wang participated in a panel entitled Constructing the Public Chain Ecosystem in Asia at the Hong Kong Web 3.0 Spring Summit.

Neo hosted a booth at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, where participants could compete for GAS prizes in a punching bag competition. During the conference, Duncan Chiu Tat-kun, a Member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, stopped by the booth to speak with the Neo team.

Neo announced it will have a presence at the upcoming Paris Blockchain Week conference, scheduled for April 9 to 11 at Le Carrousel du Louvre in France. Neo founder Da Hongfei will deliver a keynote speech titled Rethink Layer 1. At the same time, the Neo booth will feature a non-fungible item activation, leveraging the technology of ITEM Systems—a collaborative effort between community development entities COZ and AxLabs. The booth will also allow visitors to engage in a hands-on creative process, inviting them to personalize an NFI-integrated t-shirt.

Neo established a partnership with PoP Planet, a Web3 social network that seeks to help users monetize their influence. PoP Planet aims to provide creators with a future where they can control their identity and data in all digital interactions. The PoP Planet team also announced plans for Neo X integration.

Poly Network is suspending its self-hosted cross-chain bridging services effective April 10, but plans to continue offering support for the back-end architecture so projects leveraging the network can still perform cross-chain communication.

Quirky Soul College announced that the final mint wave for QSC Character NFTs will begin on April 20, and the total supply will reduce from 10,000 NFTs to 2,500.

COZ hosted an AMA focused on non-fungible items and the upcoming activation for the Neo booth at Paris Blockchain Week.

Flamingo is hosting a three-month hackathon and offering at least 1,000 GAS in rewards. Dubbed the “Dashboard-athon,” the team seeks to encourage developers to use Neo and Flamingo’s DeFi data to build intriguing educational displays, interactive bots, or other creative tools. The Dashboard-athon will take place from April 8 through July 8, 2024. No signup or registration is necessary.

Flamingo relaunched its Ambassador Program this month using lessons learned from its previous iteration. Beginning in April, participants can undertake onboarding or promotional activities for the DeFi platform and earn rewards from a monthly pool of US $500 in GAS. Examples of activity include a well-thought-out response to a question in Discord or Reddit, an in-depth Twitter thread, a unique blog post, or any other creative way to disseminate information.

TOTHEMOON announced V2 of its Fusion Arena which will feature off-chain simulation instead of smart contract-based logic in order to be more flexible, reduce costs, and provide a more dynamic combat experience.

Pixudi added FRANK as a payment option for Mystery Packs, and also added a promotional code feature for FRANK token users.

Frank Coin distributed an airdrop of 250,000 SCHRUTE tokens to EXTRACTION NFTs designed by SOMNIUMWAVE. Additionally, Frank Coin hosted a livestream to showcase the Pixudi, World of Elements, and Pokemon games, and distributed NEP-17 tokens to active participants.

The Hongfei launched a website for the HD memecoin, and Ape Coin also launched a website for the APE token.

The GrantShares proposal Ecosystem Marketing Proposal was canceled by the individual who made the submission.

Flamingo shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking fund for Week 13 of 2024, noting a total value of approximately $13.46 million, total minting rewards of $6.36 million, and total trading fee rewards of $1.16 million.

Developer Updates

COZ released v1.1 of the Contract Package Manager, a tool designed to enhance the process of building real-world blockchain applications while saving time and reducing the potential for introducing bugs. Updates include the addition of support for off-chain Java SDK generation and off-chain Golang SDK generation.

Neo SPCC released the NeoFS Panel, allowing the use of the decentralized storage platform within a browser. The service relies on the recently launched REST gateway to bridge requests between the client and NeoFS services.

NNT Catch Up

NNT’s editors co-hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #13 on the Smart Economy Podcast X. Topics of discussion included the FRANK coin being added to Pixudi for purchasing Mystery Packs, the potential staying power of memecoins, Poly Network suspending cross-chain services, the merits of projects maintaining bridges versus dedicated 3rd parties, and the recent GrantShares marketing proposal that was canceled.


April 9 – 11: Neo will host a booth at Paris Blockchain Week.
April 12: NNT editors hosting CC & BB #14 on The Smart Economy Podcast official X account.