World of Elements is a single player 2D role-playing game, built by long-time Neo community member Frank. Players are taken on a journey through the world of Elementia, completing quests and battling enemies, with the opportunity to claim rewards on the Neo blockchain as they progress.

The game was created as a labor of love, inspired by classic RPGs such as Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy. In its current form, it offers around 4 hours of playtime, with new content in development following a successful GrantShares proposal.

World of Elements

The pseudonymous Frank, a 35 year old gaming aficionado from Germany, made his first foray into blockchain in 2017. After experimenting with the popular platforms of the day, he settled on Neo, citing his interest in it for investment and its well-designed technology. This inspiration would encourage him to take his first steps into development, releasing his own game that rewards participation and evangelizes blockchain.

Frank began work on the game in 2023, selecting the RPG Maker game engine for the job, which includes all the tools and initial assets needed to start building out an interactive world. An accessible and highly regarded tool, the engine brings the desired “classic 2D” foundation for the game, and has been used to great success in a number of critically acclaimed titles in modern times, including OneShot, Rakuen, and Omori.

World of Elements players, as chosen heroes, will enter Elementia as it rests on the brink of destruction. One of the four classical elements, air, water, earth, and fire, can be chosen to empower the player, and this decision will impact the playstyle and progression through the game. Heroes can complete quests, slay monsters, upgrade their loot, uncover secrets, and earn FrankCoins as they go.

FrankCoins and other rewards for quest completion

As an early access release, World of Elements will continue to receive new features and content updates, including new quests and player conveniences. To that end, Frank launched a GrantShares proposal, seeking 552 NEO to fund Neo blockchain integration and outreach efforts. The proposal was successful, and the game has since been updated with Neo wallet functionality, NFT verification, FrankCoin withdrawals, and a range of gameplay updates.

In its current form, the game begins with an account creation sequence that doubles as a blockchain onboarding process. Players may optionally forgo all cryptocurrency-related features of the game at this stage or choose to learn more about the technology. If the feature is selected, an existing Neo wallet may then be associated with the game account, or a new one may be created in-game. The game account allows progress to be saved and continued between devices, accessed via username and password.

World of Elements was originally released for Windows and Android with a limited web demo, however as of its latest release, v1.07 at the time of press, the full game is available in the browser.

Game evolution

The latest updates to WoE showcase a game that is constantly growing and improving. From mobile controls and a minimap to the addition of new professions and banking systems, the game is becoming more immersive and user-friendly. The introduction of real-time day/night cycles and support for multiple languages indicates a commitment to sustaining a global community of players.

The game’s integration with the Neo blockchain is noteworthy. Players can create a wallet in-game or connect with an existing one. Special NPCs in the game can then verify ownership of FrankCoin NFTs, adding a layer of engagement and reward for players. The team is constantly on the lookout for ways to deepen the blockchain integration, with migration of the account system to NeoFS as one possibility on the horizon.

In-game wallet connection with NeoLine

The economic model of WoE is also evolving. Frank’s vision for the game includes opportunities for players to invest in the game’s development through custom quests and NPCs, using GAS as a currency. This model not only funds further development but also gives players a chance to leave their own mark on the game world.

In its current form, World of Elements is completely free to play. However, as content is added, the game will shift into a one-time payment model, with an increasing fee as the world evolves, and a Patreon option available for non-crypto users.

FrankCoin ecosystem

The game ties into the larger FrankCoin ecosystem by using it as the primary method of reward for players. FrankCoin is a meme cryptocurrency launched in mid-2022. Following the launch, Frank has fostered a community around the token, growing social channels and hosting several events to encourage the token’s use, including quizzes, meme contests, streams, as well as token buybacks and burns.

In November, the $FRANK NFTs were released, featuring artwork from community designer SOMNIUMWAVE. These NFTs were airdropped to FrankCoin holders, granting benefits such as unlimited free access to the World of Elements game, alongside future airdrop entitlement.  At the same time, Frank opened his first GrantShares proposal, requesting 165 GAS to fuel rewards for the new NFT holders, which was approved by the voting members.


Since its launch, FrankCoin has collaborated with other Neo projects, always seeking to increase the user base or add new utility to the token. Most recently, FrankCoin token holders have enjoyed airdrops of various new Neo meme currencies, and gained the ability to purchase Mystery Packs on Pixudi using FrankCoin.

A website has been created to serve as an entrypoint for new FrankCoin ecosystem members. Various content is included, ranging from onboarding and safety recommendations for cryptocurrency beginners to primers on FrankCoin-related projects. Visitors will also find links to official social channels and World of Elements patch notes.

More information about World of Elements and FrankCoin can be found by visiting the official website at the link below: