Flamingo has released an overview of the FLM token economic model, focusing on the token’s inflation rate. Since Oct. 2020, approximately 342 million FLM have been minted and are in circulation. At a hard-capped supply of 1 billion, the remaining FLM will be released over the next 17 years.

FLM gets released through a pre-defined minting function, with the tokens distributed to the market as rewards for participating on the Flamingo DeFi platform. Over time, FLM mint rates will decrease as the circulating supply increases, as shown in the image below.

Source: Flamingo Finance

Currently, FLM’s inflation rate is 3.2%, representing the amount of FLM released annually divided by the current circulating supply. However, this rate is slowly decaying and will drop to 2.55% in Dec. 2022. It will drop monthly until Jan. 2033, then more sporadically until all tokens have been minted by Dec. 2039.

More information about FLM’s inflation rate can be found at the link below: