Mercurial Apps has released the N3 NFT Tracker, an all-in-one data aggregator for NFT projects and marketplaces in the Neo ecosystem. Previously, Mercurial Apps managed individual NFT trackers for various projects.

The N3 NFT Tracker features statistics from Neo’s NFT marketplaces such as GhostMarket, Sky Hut, and TOTHEMOON. It also allows users to browse information on NFT Collections from various projects, including filtering via various attributes and metadata. An aggregate sales volume across all marketplaces is also available, along with total owners and token supply.

Source: N3 NFT Tracker

The collections available on the N3 NFT Tracker include COZ Puppets, Humswap BOWLs, Humswap ANTs, TOTHEMOON Universe, Neoverse, and FTW Runes.

About Mercurial Apps

Mercurial Apps has been developing token tracking and trading tools for the Neo ecosystem since 2021. The team is also responsible for developing and maintaining N3 Trader, a decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform that allows users to establish a direct trade for NEP-11 and NEP-17 tokens.

To use the N3 NFT Tracker visit the link below: