Flamingo Finance has released its roadmap for 2024, which includes the launches of Orderbook+ v2; FLOCKS, an evolution of the FLUND single-staged staking index-like fund; a token auction module; and more. Flamingo 3D designer SOMNIUMWAVE created a video highlighting the breadth and depth of forthcoming changes to the DeFi platform.

OrderBook+ v2

OrderBook+ is a block-based order book that utilizes automated market makers and limit orders to establish a decentralized trading protocol with tightened spreads. AMMs allow users to trade tokens permissionlessly and automatically through liquidity pools, while limit orders automatically trigger a trade at the user’s pre-selected price of an asset.

The v2 updates are aimed at enhancing speed and precision, while also improving liquidity and the block-based order process by restricting direct access to the AMMs. Instead, all trading processes will first run through the order book contract, which can then access the AMMs. The ultimate goal is to provide smoother on-chain trades and tighter spreads.

Additionally, v2 lays the groundwork for future features like margin trading and advanced order types.


FLOCKS is the next evolution of FLUND, initially created to fulfill a demand for single-sided staking on Flamingo. The team intended for FLUND to be used as part of a long-term acquire-and-hold strategy. However, the digital asset vehicle has been host to a high degree of short-term trading.

Once live, FLOCKS holders will earn fees from the platform as a form of dividends. The FLOCKS protocol will also integrate governance weighting for users to vote on platform activities, such as adding liquidity pools.

At the time of press, there’s no further information available on additional strategies to incentivize long-term holding.

Token Auction Offering

TAO aims to offer a fair mechanism for projects to apply to be listed on Flamingo, offering their own transparent and efficient token auction. A project will propose to list its token on Flamingo, and if the auction hits a predetermined volume threshold, the token will be automatically listed and provided a liquidity pool by Flamingo for swapping.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: