COZ has released an updated version of Mamba, its Python SDK for Neo blockchain development. The new release, v2.4.0, brings enhancements to its smart contract wrappers.

A key feature of Mamba v2.4.0 is the introduction of the `tokens_count` method to the NEP-11 contract wrapper. This leverages the optional `tokens` method on supported contracts to fetch and unwrap an iterator of all NFTs minted by the contract before returning the total count.

The new method was enhanced by another change, the addition of a start_index to iterator unwrap helpers as a way to bypass the maximum NeoVM stack item count limit. This ensures all values can be retrieved without relying on RPC node iterator sessions being enabled.  

Additionally, Mamba now supports the StackItemType Buffer in its unwrap helpers for strings and bytes, further expanding the SDK’s flexibility. Another modification ensures that dictionaries pushed with ScriptBuilder are reversed, matching the behavior for sequences.

The full release notes may be read at the link below: