In this episode of The Smart Economy Podcast, host Dylan Grabowski is joined by Nathan Windsor, the CEO and Co-Founder of Landslide Network, an IBC-enabled Avalanche subnet that allows any Cosmos-based dApp to run natively on the Avalanche network.

Join them as they:

  • Unpack the differences between Avalanche and Cosmos at a protocol level
  • Shine a light on the IBC Protocol
  • Weigh in on the strength of an Avalanche-Cosmos bridge
  • Examine the role of permissioned and permissionless blockchain networks
  • Discuss Nathan’s journey into the blockchain space
  • And much more!

Nathan Windsor is the CEO and Co-Founder of Landslide Network. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, business leader, and blockchain enthusiast with a track record of founding and scaling technology companies.

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