Neo Candy has launched the Lollipop NFT collection, which will provide various benefits to owners within the Neo Candy ecosystem. The series is now available for purchase on the GhostMarket and SkyHut marketplaces.

LOLLI NFT holders will be whitelisted for future Neo Candy mints and grant access to events 24 hours before non-token holders. Additionally, LOLLI NFT holders will receive early access to upcoming Neo Candy games, exclusive airdrops, access to special Discord server channels, and reduced fees on upcoming DeFi products.

Each LOLLI NFT will also allow owners to mint one free Candyland NFT character and a Candyclash NFT.


The LOLLI collection will be limited to 222 NFTs and can be purchased at the following prices:

  • #22 – #50: 500,000 CANDY
  • #51 – #100: 1,000,000 CANDY
  • #101 – #150: 1,250,000 CANDY
  • #151 – #200: 1,500,000 CANDY
  • #201 – #218: 2,000,000 CANDY
  • #219 – #220: 3,000,000 CANDY
  • #221 – #222: 4,000,000 CANDY

The minting of the LOLLI NFTs began at 4:30 p.m. (UTC) on July 2, 2022. NFTs #1 – #10 are reserved for NeoCandy Skyhut NFT owners while #11 – #22 will be used in giveaways.

About Neo Candy

Neo Candy is a suite of Neo N3 tools and games developed by Yannick Koitzsch, a Neo community developer. The NEP-17 CANDY token was designed to reward people for interacting with dApps in the Neo ecosystem. The goal of the token is to strengthen and grow the Neo community through supporting various projects.

Koitzsch has released Candyclash, a risk-based NFT staking game, and several mini-games on the Discord server as part of the Neo Candy ecosystem.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: