Perlin Finance has announced that the team will host its first AMA on its official Discord server. The AMA will begin at 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on Friday, Aug. 25.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions about the launch of Perlin Finance, tentatively slated for Sep. 2023, or other general questions about the lending platform. For those unable to attend, the Perlin team will field questions submitted to the #general channel of the Discord server.

About Perlin Finance

Perlin’s protocol uses algorithm-based interest rates, drawing inspiration from established pool-based lending platforms such as Compound and Aave.

The Korean team behind the project brings experience from DeFi protocols like RomeDAO and KlimaDAO, as well as from renowned tech companies Toss and Samsung. The group, comprising two developers and a UX designer, boasts a background in Web 2.0 development and smart contract creation, with plans to add new members over time.

The platform launched on Neo N3 TestNet in July 2023. To begin testing the platform, users must first acquire assets on Neo N3 TestNet. The official Perlin Discord server offers a faucet that distributes NEO, GAS, fUSDT, fWBTC, and fWETH.

The announcement can be found at the link below: