General Updates

Neo Global Development opened registration for the Singapore GAS Station, a continuation of its series of offline events as part of the APAC Hackathon. Collaborating with industry players like OKX, Alibaba Cloud, and Alchemy Pay, the Singapore GAS Station is scheduled for Sep. 9 and 10 at the OGBC Serviced Office located at PLUS, 20 Cecil St, #04-07, Singapore 049705.

NGD hosted the Bangalore GAS Station, which featured over 40 teams of hackers as well as panel discussions. The first panel, entitled Exploring Unresolved Technical Development Challenges in Web3, featured guests from Skillenza, Frontier, Zeeve, and Quill Audits. The second panel, entitled Building a Web3 Business in the Current Market Environment, featured speakers from OKX, Foundership, SGC, StackOS, and Gravity.

NGD announced an upcoming panel for the Seoul GAS Station, Building User-Friendly dApps for Adoption: Design Strategies and Insights. Featured panelists will include representatives from CertiK, OKX, OP Crypto, UNOPND, Baekdu Technologies, and Project Twelve.

NGD announced it will be an official partner for the Meta Era Summit 2023, a one-day in-person event taking place in Singapore on Sep. 12, and focusing on topics within crypto, Web3, and FinTech.

Perlin Finance hosted an AMA on the official Discord server’s voice channel. Perlin also updated protocol documentation, with an overview of three of Perlin’s forthcoming sub-protocols, which include lending, swapping, and a USD-pegged stablecoin. Additionally, the Perlin team submitted its smart contracts for audit by Red4Sec with the intentions of launching on Neo N3 MainNet in Sep. 2023.

Unlocking the Chain released a video delving into the Meme2Earn platform on Neo N3. The video offers overviews of TIPS, the Meme2Earn OG NFT series, multi-chain support, participating in contests, single-sided staking, and much more.

Meme2Earn announced an upcoming Fireplace AMA with its leadership team, which will occur on the official Discord server at 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on Aug. 29.

Flamingo Finance released FLUND statistics for Week 33 of 2023, noting approximately US $6 million in total value, $1.89 million in total minting rewards, and $334,000 in trading fee rewards.

GrantShares grant recipient Pixudi shared an update on its development progress, informing that it has completed the payment and NFT minting functionalities. A range of screenshots were included to demonstrate this flow on its NFT card game.

Developer Updates

NeoSPCC released v0.27.2 of the NeoFS decentralized storage platform, which included updates to the S3 and HTTP gateways. NeoSPCC also launched an official YouTube channel where the team intends to release regular updates on the decentralized storage network.

Greenfinch developer and co-founder Alex Walker hosted a development workshop titled Using NeoFS with Greenfinch on Neo’s Official YouTube Channel.


Aug. 29: Meme2Earn Fireplace AMA.
Aug. 29: Flamingo Finance community lagoon AMA.
Sep. 1&2: Neo APAC Hackathon GAS Station stop in Seoul, South Korea.
Sep. 5: Neo co-hosting afterparty for Korea Blockchain Week 2023.
Sep. 9&10: Neo APAC Hackathon GAS Station stop in Singapore.
Sep. 12: Neo is an official sponsor of the Meta Era Summit 2023 in Singapore.