AxLabs has released a new version of neow3j with a range of new features and support for RC1, the current protocol version in use on the N3 TestNet. Java developers using neow3j v3.9 will gain the benefit of several bug fixes and behavior improvements that were included in the team’s second RC1-compatible release.

Numerous changes were issued in the new release across the SDK and devpack. In the SDK, AxLabs propagated the use of Hash160 and Hash256 instead of address strings, and adopted BigInteger over decimals for token amount representation.

For the neow3j devpack, the team corrected a number of bugs, including compilation errors with try-catch clauses and null checks. One notable new devpack feature is the new ByteString type, designed to closely model the NeoVM stack item type of the same name.

The team also extended the devpack with support for multi-file smart contract debugging and enabled a smoother integration with the Neo Express and Neo Debugger tools from NGD Enterprise.

Developers looking to get started building on N3 with Java can check out the neow3j documentation or view the available code examples.