Various Neo Blockchain Toolkit component updates have been published by NGD Enterprise. Released in quick succession after RC2, the newly revised tools are fully compatible with the latest N3 core changes, which are expected to be rolled out onto the TestNet on May 18.

Developers can now begin testing with their own N3 RC2 private networks with the new Neo Express build. As in previous N3 versions, preview network creation and operation can be accessed with the nxp3 command after installation.

Neo Debugger has been newly updated for use with RC2 contracts. As in previous iterations, all Neo contract languages are supported as long as the compiler used to compile the contract also generates the standard debug information file.

C# developers will notably need to use the newly released nccs (Neo Compiler CSharp) compiler from RC2 onwards. This will replace neon, the original MSIL compiler. More information regarding the new compiler can be found on the GitHub here.

New features can be found in the updated neo-test libraries, and both the non-fungible token and registrar contract samples have been revised for the new environment.

The only tool remaining to be updated is the Visual DevTracker, which is expected to arrive in the near future.