AxLabs released a new installment of the neow3j toolkit, updating it with new fee optimizations for smart contracts amongst other changes. v3.15.0, brings new features to the devpack and improvements to the documentation and examples, which can be found at

The devpack was the most updated area of the neow3j codebase in the latest update. One notable change is the new find method for direct iteration on StorageMap. Various improvements were also made to the code for handling contract parameters, including a new publicKey method and support for the automatic casting of nested Maps/Lists to their appropriate parameter types.

Another set of changes removed unnecessary size checks from the Hash160, hash256, and ECPoint class constructors, while a new method was added to ECPoint to check for a valid size. Another change PR resulted in the addition of a method for converting an Integer to a ByteString.

The update also included a bug fix for an issue found in the creation of multi-signature verification scripts. Keys are now correctly sorted and order preservation is checked when casting to a contract parameter Map.

The full changelog can be found at the following link: