Sky, the pseudonymous founder of the Sky Hut NFT marketplace, joined Neo Global Development’s AMA series, Neo Live, on Friday, Jan. 28. Sky Hut is the first NFT marketplace that uses NeoFS to store the content of an NFT. In the AMA, Sky discussed unique features of the NFT marketplace, goals to explore 3D spaces in the metaverse, collaborating with ecosystem projects, and mobile app support.

COZ developers Erik van den Brink and Mirella Medeiros joined NGD’s DevLogs to discuss smart contract development in Python. In the DevLog, the pair demonstrated writing and compiling a smart contract using neo-boa, and deploying the smart contract with neo-mamba.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today featured Defina Finance in its most recent Early Adoption Program spotlight. Defina Finance is an anime-styled NFT metaverse game, utilizing a play-to-earn model which allows players to monetize their gameplay. The Defina team plans to release Neo-based NFT Heroes, launch a Neo-exclusive script, and develop gaming modes on N3. The team has also stated it will later implement a system for staking rewards and governance.

Neo community developer Robert Oschler won second place in the SocialFi category of the Metaverse Alliance hackathon. Oschler’s project, Neo3D Live, is a 3D metaverse world that allows users to interact with one another’s avatars and participate in events like real-time auctions. Oschler developed Neo3D Live so that anyone can access the 3D world, regardless of their ability to purchase powerful equipment. Moving forward, Oschler will release developer-oriented courses surrounding the Neo3D Live platform.

Developer Groups

COZ released Neon Wallet v2.12.3, which provides preliminary support for NFTs, amongst other improvements. Additionally, TOTHEMOON and Flamingo announced support for Neon Wallet via WalletConnect. Users can now view their NFT balances on Neon Wallet by using a new filter in the Token Balances component. All tokens that follow the NEP-11 standard can be viewed in the list. However, Neon does not currently display token-specific metadata, including NFT images.

AxLabs was featured included in Crypto Valley Labs’ Top 50 Report 2021, as a top Blockchain Technology Solution Provider. CV Labs is an incubator and co-working space in Zug, CH.


Jan. 24, Humswap released new details about the future airdrop of Lucky Bao envelopes to holders of Bowl NFTs. There are three different types of tigers (Lucky, Lucky White, Lucky Golden), six envelope types (Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and Gold), and three different ways the envelopes can be combined to mint a Lucky Tiger. All Tiger NFTs will be minted with a special original minter royalty, a permanent feature built into the smart contract.

Jan. 25, NeoBurger’s bNEO token was listed on the DeFi Llama website, an aggregator for protocols denoted by total value locked.

Jan. 25, Flamboyant Flamingos announced that 85% of the first round of NFTs had been minted, and the public sale will begin in the coming week.

Jan. 26, MegaOasis announced the upcoming launch of its first NFT series, Meta Panacea, which will consist of 403 NFTs. MegaOasis intends to be an NFT marketplace that sells NFTs representing digital ownership of real-world art collections.

Jan. 26, GhostMarket’s GM token was listed on the MEXC custodial exchange, with immediate support for deposits and withdrawals.

Jan. 26, Everstake released a step-by-step guide for participating in Neo N3’s governance process using the O3 Wallet.

Jan. 26, Flamingo’s FLM token was listed on the custodial exchange, with immediate support for deposits and withdrawals.

Jan. 27, TranslateMe announced the platform had surpassed 10,000 translators registered on its network.

Jan. 27, Neo Candy announced a bounty program with 20 million CANDY in available rewards. The bounty program is aimed at promoting dApps built with Neo N3 and helping developers new to the ecosystem with tooling. To participate, contestants can create and submit a piece of content related to the program’s purpose.

Jan. 27, Atomic Wallet integrated support for Neo N3 assets on the third-party wallet provider. Users can exchange and store NEO on the desktop version of the wallet, with such support planned for the mobile version.

Jan. 28, NeoAntsNFT, a community-spawned NFT collection, distributed 50 NFTs to Neo community members via Twitter. The distribution was part of a social media campaign to grow the NeoAntsNFT Twitter following.

Jan. 28, Humswap began showcasing the Ants NFT series on the Sky Hut NFT marketplace, with the first 44 NFTs of the series available for viewing. Each Ant NFT will be accompanied by an additional NFT that will grant royalties on future sales of its corresponding Ant.

Token Listings

GM listed on MEXC custodial exchange.

FLM listed on custodial exchange.

NEO listed on the ByBit custodial exchange derivatives market.