Sky, the pseudonymous founder of the Sky Hut NFT marketplace, joined Neo Global Development’s AMA series, Neo Live, on Friday, Jan. 28. Sky Hut is the first NFT marketplace that uses NeoFS to store the content of an NFT.

In the AMA, Sky discussed unique features of the NFT marketplace, goals to explore 3D spaces in the metaverse, collaborating with ecosystem projects, and mobile app support.

A transcript of the AMA can be found below:

Sam Wang (NGD marketing): Hello, I would like to thank the members of the Neo community for joining me today for this AMA event.

We are all excited to have Sky from Sky Hut.

Sky (Sky Hut founder): Hello everyone, amazing to be here! I’m Sky, and I am a software developer. I have been working as a developer for over five years now and recently decided to venture into blockchain development.

I was lucky to find Neo, which offers C#, my primary language.

Q1: What is Sky Hut?

Sky: An easy question first, well, Sky Hut is an NFT Marketplace integrated with NeoFS, a decentralized storage platform native to Neo.

Q2: Why did you build Sky Hut where there are other NFT marketplaces like GhostMarket?

Sky: Hmm, GhostMarket is a great platform, and I have personally used it myself.

But like Michael from Rentfuse said, “competition fosters innovation,” and I think that’s a great quote. We will both make improvements and grow with some competition, and I also wanted to utilize native features of Neo, like NeoFS.

Q3: What is Sky Hut’s killer feature?

Sky: We have a couple of cool features! Besides a user buying, selling, or auctioning an NFT, buyers can always make an offer for any NFT available on Sky Hut. They can also cancel the offer at any time, provided the owner has not accepted the offer!

They can also use any NEP-17 token to make an offer, even if the token is not listed. Sky Hut allows users to create a “custom” offer by adding the token scripthash and their offer!

But the most exciting one is that anyone can create their own NEP-11 NFT contract/collection directly from Sky Hut, and it will automatically be listed on Sky Hut. So, users don’t have to mint to our native Sky collection if they want their own collection. When minting NFT’s through Sky Hut, the images are also stored on NeoFS!

Q4: How do you see Sky Hut fitting into the Neo ecosystem? Have there been any collaborations?

Sky: Fun questions! We are fairly new, but we recently had the Neo Candy team auctioning their first 10 NFT pieces! There might be more to come from them, so keep an eye out and check them out if you haven’t.

We are also working with Shang Sun, a well-known NFT artist in the Neo community, to bring users some NFT pieces that will have a purpose later.

Q5: What is on Sky Hut’s roadmap?

Sky: I don’t have anything set in stone! Once Sky Hut is done and I feel comfortable with it, I would like to explore the metaverse. We might create a Sky Hut virtual world and allow the users to walk around the world visiting and interacting with all the various NFT collections hosted on Sky Hut!

Q6: Volume is essential for an NFT marketplace. What’s Sky Hut’s marketing plan to attract new users and list more NFT projects on the platform?

Sky: As I mentioned, I am currently working with Shang Sun, a well-known NFT creator. Most of you guys might already own a piece of his work!

We plan to create some NFTs, and around 50% of all the NFTs will be given out as a reward for users exploring Sky Hut. These NFTs will also serve as “locations” in Sky Hut’s Metaverse, so the plan is to allow users to visit these locations!

There might be more utility added to these special NFTs, so keep an eye out!

Q7: Apart from Sky Hut’s unique selling point of NeoFS usage, what is the plan for gaining traction with new users?

Sky: NeoFS storage is amazing. But, a cool feature is that we recently launched the possibility for artists to create their own contract/collection from within Sky Hut.

Then, there are plans for an upcoming Metaverse!

Q8: Is Sky Hut planning to integrate mobile app support?

Sky: We went live with OneGate just this morning. Once you hop on through OneGate, you will automatically be logged on!

Q9: What is Sky Hut’s competitive advantage over other NFT marketplaces?

Sky: Just like any NFT marketplace, you can mint, buy, sell, and auction any NFT. We also allow users to make an offer on any NFT and cancel the offer without any fees. Further, the owner can accept any unsolicited bid they receive.

As an NFT artist, if you wish to create your own collection, you can do so without any coding directly from Sky Hut, and your collection will be listed directly. Creators can mint NFTs directly to your contract from within Sky Hut, and your NFTs will also be hosted on NeoFS, so another bonus!

Q10: Will Sky Hut implement support for other chains? Is Sky Hut planning to integrate its own token for the platform like GhostMarket did?

Sky: There is no support planned for other chains. I am focusing on the Neo blockchain at the moment.

As for creating a Sky Hut token, that would be cool, but it’s still early stages. I will further explore that idea later on. And, it’s the same for getting artists. I am still new, so I will explore that idea later on!

The full AMA can be found at the link below: