New details are available regarding Humswap’s future airdrop of Lucky Bao envelopes to holders of Bowl NFTs. Plans for the airdrop were first mentioned on Dec. 16, 2021, in a Medium post which described the initiative as part of Humswap’s goal to provide unique and special experiences within the ecosystem. In the post, the team also hinted at another in-progress collaboration to benefit Bowl owners in Q1 2022.

In a new Medium post, details regarding how the envelopes will be used to mint a Lucky Tiger have been released. There are three different types of tigers (Lucky, Lucky White, Lucky Golden), six envelope types (Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and Gold), and three different ways in which the envelopes can be combined to mint a Lucky Tiger.

The 6 Types of Bao Envelopes (source)

A tiger can be minted with either three or five Bao envelopes. However, combining five envelopes instead of three will increase the likelihood of minting one of the uncommon Lucky White Tigers, or an even rarer Lucky Golden Tiger.

Gold envelopes will only be airdropped to the owners of a Bowl with the “lucky” trait as one of its attributes. These gold envelopes can be combined with any other color envelope to mint a Lucky Golden Tiger, the rarest of the three. All owners of these Lucky Golden Tigers will also be airdropped a Neoverse blind box, the result of Humswap’s collaboration with Neo Global Development.

All Tiger NFTs will be minted with a special original minter royalty, which is a permanent feature built into the smart contract. Forty percent of all royalties for a specific Tiger will automatically be sent to the original owner’s address. In addition, Lucky Golden Tiger owners will receive a special future reward and access to Humswap’s Chinese New Year’s airdrop in 2023.

The snapshot of Bowl owners will occur Feb. 1 at 3:00 a.m. (UTC). The full details of the announcement can be found below: