AxLabs has announced the release of Neow3j v3.7, which brings its tools in line with Neo3 Preview5 and introduces a range of new functionality for Java developers. The update focuses on improvements across the devpack and SDK.

The team also revised its library of Java examples for Neo3, which demonstrate how to develop, compile, and deploy smart contracts, how to interact with Neo nodes through RPC, and provide references for key/wallet management. The examples make use of the Neo Express and Visual DevTracker tools for VS Code, created by NGD Enterprise.


Most new functionality in neow3j v3.7 is found in the devpack. The team has added a variety of classes for use in smart contracts, including Hash160, Hash256, and ECPoint. A contract interface for the Oracle contract has also been included, enabling contracts to perform oracle requests.

AxLabs added support for a number of annotations in the new release, giving Java developers access to key functionality at the contract code level. Annotations for various contract manifest attributes such as safe method or trusted contract declarations, OnPayment methods for receiving NEP-11 and NEP-17 tokens, and OnDeployment for specifying logic to be called at deploy time have been introduced.

New features in the SDK are centered on developer convenience. The team added support for the high priority transaction attribute, a base class for non-fungible token interaction, and new methods for creating array ContractParameters.

The latest neow3j version and changelog can be found at the link below: