Gitcoin wants to help support and grow the open source developer community in the Neo ecosystem. Since 2017, it has distributed approximately US $13 million in funding to open source software developers. Gitcoin founder, Kevin Owocki, joined the Neo News Today podcast to discuss its mission:

“We care about growing open source software, and Neo obviously has a lot of open source software. So, I think that it’s within our mission to start doing stuff within your community. It’s all about supporting the bottom up innovation in the space.”

On the Gitcoin platform, users can post and complete bounties, participate in hackathons, and receive incubation services for their open source projects.

Founded in the Ethereum ecosystem, Gitcoin has leveraged its partnership with entities like the Ethereum Foundation and Consensys to uniquely distribute rewards to developers. Using a quadratic formula, smaller donations to open source projects receive larger portions of matched funding from the aforementioned entities. For example, in previous Gitcoin grant rounds, contributions of 1 DAI sometimes meant up to 400 DAI in matching.

Gitcoin has also grown to support various other ecosystems. In the previous two quarters, it has hosted virtual hackathons in collaboration with Polkadot, Zilliqa, Binance, and other blockchain networks.

Looking forward, Owocki says he wants to keep growing its relationships with other networks:

“This is my pitch to the Neo community, we should [collaborate] with you all as well. Our mission is to support open source software. We’ve proven it out at scale in the Ethereum space, and we could probably transpose it into Neo.”

The full interview can be seen below: