AxLabs has released a new version of the Neow3j toolkit for use with the N3 MainNet. The new release, v3.12.0, packages new contract interfaces for NFT contracts and Neo Name Service and implements a range of other improvements.

Similar to other recent infrastructure updates, the new Neow3j release primarily adapts to Neo’s core changes since RC4. Changes include support for the new syscalls get random and get network, plus the new nonce field in blocks.

The new interfaces for NNS and various NFT base classes (NFT, non-divisible NFT, and divisible NFT) are designed to make it easy to interact with other NFTs from within a smart contract.

Neow3j v3.12 notably includes a few changes that tighten up its integration with various Neo Blockchain Toolkit components. In particular, fixed column numbers and support for static contract variables in the Debugger and support for the custom Neo Express RPC methods will improve the development experience for NBT’s Java users.

The full changelog and new version can be accessed with the following link: