GhostMarket has launched the second version of its cross-chain NFT marketplace and explorer, implementing new features and UX improvements. The GhostMarket platform launched in July 2020 and initially supported Phantasma and Neo. Since then, the GhostMarket team has integrated Binance Smart Chain, and most recently Polygon.

New features

The new version of GhostMarket features an all new brand and design, with an emphasis on filters and ease of navigation. Advanced filters have been added to allow users to quickly explore assets across blockchains or collections.

Among the most prominent updates are improvements to GhostMarket’s buy/sell cart. The cart now allows users to buy or sell any amount of NFTs in bulk from various wallets. GhostMarket founder, Vincent Geneste said:

The cart isn’t new. It was there before. But I’m very, very proud of what we did with it. The whole shopping and selling cart experience is very polished. It shows very cool notifications, and you can bulk buy stuff in two clicks. As if you are on Amazon.

GhostMarket v2 Cart

The revamped GhostMarket website also includes a new statistics page, which exhibits activity across all supported blockchains. Examples include weekly, monthly, and all-time users, transactions, and volume.

New tokens have also been added to the marketplace. SWTH and CAKE can now be used to mint and purchase NFTs, totaling support for 15 different cryptocurrencies on GhostMarket.

Additional improvements were made to the backend to enhance performance and simplify integration of new blockchains. Geneste noted:

It’s 100 times much more scalable. For example, we haven’t added ETH yet, but adding it for the frontend is a five-minute job. Where, before it would have been, I don’t know, a couple of days, but it would have been a hack. Now, it’s all plugin and module-based. It’s very simple.

Further, the GhostMarket team has made it easier to implement and document changes to the API. The new API offers each project an endpoint and delivers request-response expectations that dApps and wallets expect when connecting to a website.

Looking forward

Over the next month, GhostMarket will roll out various social features, including capabilities to ‘follow’ artists, ‘like’ NFTs, and view ‘most liked’ NFTs. Additionally, artists will be able to edit their profiles, including uploading banners and logos, social links, and descriptions.

The team is going to fully integrate support for Neo N3, including trading functionality. Currently, GhostMarket supports NEP-11 and NEP-17 contracts, and NFT minting on Neo N3 TestNet.

Additionally, GhostMarket will integrate support for Ethereum in the coming month. Afterward, there are two non-EVM blockchains on the roadmap that GhostMarket will incorporate, but they have not been publicly announced.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: