The Neo N3 blockchain officially launched at 9:00 a.m. (UTC) on Monday, Aug. 2, 2021. NEO and GAS holders are able to start migrating tokens from Neo Legacy as early as Aug. 9, though migration incentives will not begin until Sep. 1, 2021.  

NGD released a MainNet-compatible version of Neo3-GUI. The new build adjusts to the changes since RC4 and provides default settings for connecting to the N3 MainNet. Neo3-GUI is a full node application, meaning it maintains a full copy of the Neo blockchain. To perform some actions, users may need to wait for the local state to update to the current block height.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released an open letter to the Neo community to seek support for NNT as a Neo Council member. Using part of the GAS earnings as a Neo Council member, NNT aims to invest portions of this revenue back into funding initiatives that will benefit the community and ecosystem growth. Examples include supporting developers with small grants, sponsoring hackathons, funding educational initiatives, incentivizing community activities, or providing new utilities. 

NNT released a feature article on the Neo Frontier Launchpad’s Best NFT Project, Rentfuse. Rentfuse is a protocol that enables NFT owners on Neo N3 to rent out their assets while maintaining ownership control. The developer, Michael Fabozzi, was inspired to design the protocol while thinking about potential use cases in the gaming industry. Looking forward, Fabozzi would like to collaborate with NFT-based games in the Neo ecosystem, recognizing that early feedback from other developers could help improve his API and platform. He is also considering introducing a platform-native token that would provide holders with discounted fees and additional benefits, perhaps in the form of a DAO.

Developer Groups

COZ released new updates for the components in its Neo Python suite. Both the Boa smart contract compiler and the Mamba SDK have been made compatible with the v3.0.x node version used for the formal TestNet and MainNet. Most updates to the tools focused on compatibility changes, covering new features added at the time of RC4’s initial release. COZ also added support for Neo N3 on the Dora blockchain explorer. 

AxLabs released a new version of the Neow3j toolkit for use with the N3 MainNet. The new release, v3.12.0, packages new contract interfaces for NFT contracts and Neo Name Service, and implements a range of other improvements.

Neo SPCC released a newly updated version of its Go node for N3. Ready for use on MainNet and TestNet, the update includes a number of improvements over the previous N3-compatible releases. The most significant change in the new version is an update to the NEP-17 balance tracking code, which diverts from the implementation in the core C# client.


Aug. 2, Switcheo announced the launch of Switcheo Research, a series dedicated to offering in-depth analysis on the ever-changing cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The team intends to offer research in technical deep dives (i.e., layer two, AMMs), protocol analyses, innovative DeFi products, technical analysis, and trending cryptocurrency topics.

Aug. 2, TranslateMe added support for the Chinese language to its API. 

Aug. 3, Poly Network released its monthly report for July 2021, which noted integrating support for its 11th chain (Polygon), surpassing US $9 billion in total trade volume, the release of the Poly Bridge mobile app, and various partnerships. 

Aug. 5, O3 Labs released its monthly report for July 2021, which noted the integration of Polygon, the addition of a USDC cross-chain pool, a bug bounty program, and much more. 

Aug. 5, Poly Network surpassed $10 billion in cross-chain trading volume. 

Aug. 5, GhostMarket announced a contest to celebrate the integration of Polygon and encourage users to mint a Polygon-based NFT. 

Aug. 7, TranslateMe released a brief video highlighting how its translation network and TMN token operate. 

Aug. 8, NekoHit released an updated English version of its whitepaper outlining how the team intends to build a Patreon-like service for the Neo ecosystem.