AxLabs has released its first neow3j update of 2024, upgrading the toolkit’s internal Gradle version and providing a pair of bug fixes for the compiler.

Two breaking changes have been included in the update. The first removes the defunct updatehistory property from the NativeContractState class, which was dropped from Neo core following a change that allowed native contract versions to be controlled by hard fork configuration.

The second change only affects users of Gradle version 6.0 and lower. Neow3j’s internal Gradle version has been updated to 8.0. This makes Gradle version 6.0 the new minimum required for use with neow3j.

Bug fixes in v3.22.0 center on the neow3j smart contract compiler. It is now impossible to add conflicting contract permissions or trusts to smart contracts, and a modification to resource handling ensures that the compiler does not hold a lock on compiled files.

The full release notes may be read at the link below: