Mpozzecco, an acclaimed artist hailing from Turkey, has released his NFT “Virtual Visions” on the MegaOasis platform. The minting period began on Jan. 24, and is scheduled to conclude at 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Jan. 31. There is a maximum of 20 NFTs available, with eight having been minted at the time of press. 

“Virtual Visions,” deeply inspired by the historical “Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours,” symbolizes a fusion of classical color theory with the realm of digital artistry, and showcases Mpozzecco’s engagement with both the past and present of artistic expression.

The dynamic NFT “Virtual Visions #1073”.

A Journey of Curiosity and Discovery

Mpozzecco’s exploration into the digital art space began in late 2021, sparked by a friend’s social media post after creating her own first NFT. Diving deeper, Mpozzecco discovered a world that he wanted to be part of. “The vibrant community of artists and collectors congregating in this digital space was unlike anything I had encountered before,” he recounts, highlighting the diversity and creativity that drew him into the world of NFTs. 

This initial curiosity soon blossomed into a passionate engagement with the NFT community, leading to over 50 collaborations and the sale of more than 1,000 NFTs on Ethereum in just a six-month period. Mpozzecco has had his work curated by Rome’s Mecenate Fine Art, and has been featured by the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. He has also participated in in-person exhibitions in Rome, London, and Lisbon, and will be featured in Curations of Digital Art’s upcoming CODA XIV CONFIRMATION on Jan. 31.

The transformative potential of blockchain technology, with its emphasis on security, authenticity, and decentralization, resonated deeply with Mpozzecco, pulling him further into this space. “It was exhilarating to learn about the potential for artists to gain greater control over their work and connect directly with their audience,” he reflects. This realization marked a pivotal moment in his career, as he minted his first NFT. 

His passion only grew from there. “As I ventured into 2022, I was fully immersed in exploring this new frontier, eager to contribute my voice to the ever-growing tapestry of digital art and to connect with like-minded individuals around the globe.”

The Vision Behind “Virtual Visions”

“Virtual Visions” is a testament to Mpozzecco’s innovative approach to art, drawing from “Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours” to create a piece that bridges historical artistry with digital creativity. “By drawing from this classic color nomenclature, I aimed to create a bridge between the past and the present,” Mpozzecco explains.

The artwork’s inspiration from Werner’s classic guide, which predates modern color schemes like Pantone, represents the continuity and evolution of artistic exploration. “This connection highlights the enduring importance of color in our perception and representation of the world around us,” Mpozzecco notes. 

With this dynamic piece, Mpozzecco hopes to inspire reflection and serenity in his viewers. The ambient music adds to this effect. “The colors and forms in my gen art move in a rhythm that is both deliberate and spontaneous, mirroring the unpredictable yet harmonious patterns found in nature. This movement is meant to evoke a sense of calmness and contemplation, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the visual journey.”

Embracing MegaOasis and the Neo Blockchain

The collaboration with MegaOasis and the selection of the Neo blockchain were strategic decisions for Mpozzecco, driven by a shared vision of creativity and community. He lauds the leadership of Mathieu Wothke at MegaOasis and the platform’s commitment to fostering a vibrant artistic community. “His efforts to create a space where creativity and collaboration are encouraged have created a vibrant and supportive community for artists like myself,” Mpozzecco appreciates.

Furthermore, the technical prowess of the Neo blockchain, known for its scalability and efficiency, significantly influenced his decision. “Neo’s emphasis on scalability, high transaction speeds, and low costs made it an attractive platform for minting and trading NFTs,” he states, highlighting the importance of a supportive and efficient infrastructure in the creative process. “The efficient and user-friendly environment provided by Neo allowed me to focus on my creative process without worrying about technical limitations or prohibitive costs.”

Future of Art and Blockchain

Mpozzecco envisions a transformative future at the intersection of creative art and blockchain technology. He anticipates a democratization of art, where blockchain and NFTs break down traditional barriers and foster a more inclusive artistic landscape. “This technology has already begun to level the playing field, allowing artists from all walks of life and locations to share their work with a global audience,” he observes.

Moreover, Mpozzecco sees continuous innovation in artistic creation and distribution as a pivotal aspect of this future. “Artists are exploring new ways to integrate digital technologies with traditional art forms, creating hybrid works that challenge our conventional understanding of art,” he remarks. This innovation, coupled with the integration of smart contracts to help ensure fair compensation even beyond primary markets, promises a more equitable and sustainable future for artists and collectors alike.

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