AxLabs has enhanced its Docker-based Neo3 private network deployment solution to support Windows, complementing its existing compatibility with Linux and MacOS. The tool aims to simplify the setup of a local development environment for builders on Neo, used when testing applications.

Docker, a platform utilizing virtualization to run software in isolated environments known as containers, bundles applications with their dependencies. This approach ensures consistent software operation and testing across various hardware and operating systems. The neo3-privatenet-docker repository from AxLabs automates the entire process of building, configuring, and operating a private Neo network.

The deployment includes a consensus node and two RPC clients, each housed in its own container and built from the Neo source code with all necessary plugins. The Neo source code is linked as a git submodule, enabling developers to switch to different Neo versions by adjusting the target commit. The Dockerfile used for creating the NeoCLI instances is commented, providing insights into the process and configuration options, including the exclusion of specific plugins from the build.

The repository also offers examples demonstrating how to utilize the consensus and client nodes’ JSON-RPC API, along with instructions for accessing the node CLI.

Learn more about neo3-privatenet-docker by visiting the GitHub page: