NeoSPCC has released an updated version of neo-exporter, a project designed to simplify data exportation from Neo blockchains into Prometheus metrics. It may be used by developers, node operators, and researchers to store, analyze, and visualize blockchain data.

neo-exporter provides comprehensive support for exporting typical Neo blockchain data and includes specialized support for NeoFS contracts. Metrics are updated regularly, ensuring that users can maintain up-to-date visualizations and analyses of their data.

Several configuration options are offered to tailor the tool to specific needs. Key options include settings for Neo RPC connection parameters, Prometheus metrics scraping intervals, and specific contracts to monitor. The tool allows connections to both Neo and NeoFS chains.

The latest update, v0.12.0, introduces a version metric and addresses a panic issue that occurred during RPC reconnection failures. Several minor tweaks have also been made to enhance overall performance and stability.

For more details, visit the neo-exporter GitHub page: