AxLabs has deployed a new build of neow3j, its Java development kit for Neo. The updated version, v3.13.0, makes changes across the devpack and SDK intended to make the toolkit more intuitive for developers on N3.

In the SDK, the team altered the TransactionBuilder by removing the wallet attribute. It now operates using only signers—developers should be aware of subsequent behaviour changes, for example the need to pass a full Account with private key rather than simply specifying the script hash as before. Other classes were also updated in order to adjust to the change, such as token class transfer methods.

The devpack received new functionality, including a new class used to fetch the various attributes of a contract manifest, and additional getters for Storage/StorageMap, which automatically convert a return value to the desired type rather than a returning a bytearray.

v3.13.0 also included bug fixes, specifically with serialization of contract permissions during manifest creation and compilation of static field variables. Static field variables remain only partially supported; they should only be defined within the main contract class.

The full changelog and source code for the latest version of neow3j can be acquired from the following link: