GhostMarket has open-sourced a new NEP-11 NFT contract template for Neo N3. Written in Python for use with the Boa compiler by COZ, the template makes it easy for developers to deploy a contract capable of minting NFTs that can integrate with GhostMarket.

The Neo NEP-11 standard defines the basic functionality required to make NFTs interoperable between different smart contracts. The specification includes necessary methods for getting information such as the token symbol, total supply, and how to implement the transfer method.

GhostMarket’s template extends the basic NFT functionality with other useful methods and features. Examples include methods to mint, update, or burn NFTs, the ability to attach royalty fees on secondary sales, and address whitelist functionality for controlling admin functions such as pausing.

Users that wish to mint NFTs on N3 without deploying a smart contract can do so directly on GhostMarket at the following link: