Neo Global Development announced TOTHEMOON as the first project accepted into the N3 Early Adoption Program. The Early Adoption Program is intended to incentivize the development of new dApps on the Neo N3 blockchain. As part of the program, NGD will offer resources and incubation opportunities to accelerate the growth of the NFT-based game.

NGD published a ‘Meet Your Neo Council Community Candidates’ article to help NEO voters become familiar with each of the ten community groups elected into the initial council. 

NGD Enterprise published a preview release of the Neo Debugger for Visual Studio. The release is the first component of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit to become available for Visual Studio, a full-featured IDE from Microsoft, the second most popular development tool after VS Code. Other tools in the Neo Blockchain Toolkit will soon join the Debugger in the Visual Studio IDE.

NGD hosted a community trivia campaign where participants competed for a pool equivalent to US $100 in rewards. Winners were chosen depending on the speed and accuracy of questions they answered.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted Chain.Game lead developer Thomas Geyer on episode 60 of the NNT podcast. Discussion topics included how the Neo blockchain was integrated into their RPG, what they looked for in potential blockchains, differences between building on Neo Legacy versus Neo N3, and much more.

In the interview, Geyer discussed his research into NFT-based revenue streams in the gaming industry as part of his graduate student thesis. Geyer stated there are currently two predominant game models: free to play and pay to play. However, another model is beginning to emerge: play to earn. According to Geyer, these games create other monetization methods but have been more or less ignored by game developers relying on old business models.

NNT released a video walking users through voting on N3, the newest version of the Neo blockchain. The video also demonstrated how governance and GAS distribution works on Neo.

NNT released a video showing users how to migrate their NEO and GAS tokens from Neo Legacy to Neo N3 using the Neon Wallet by COZ.

Developer Groups

COZ released an update for the desktop version of Neon Wallet, which added a built-in asset migration mechanism. A new page was added to host the feature, which aids with N3 wallet creation and allows users to perform Legacy to N3 migration for NEO and GAS tokens.

Neo SPCC released the results from its final round of benchmarking for the N3 milestone release. The tests followed the same single and four node-setups as before and revealed that both the core team’s C# node and Neo SPCC’s Go node had achieved significant throughput improvements since Preview4.


Aug. 24, MyMingo integrated “real APY” staking information, adding FLM received from LP fees into the overall interest rate. Additionally, MyMingo integrated an export function, allowing users to download all their transactions on Flamingo in a single CSV/Excel file.

Aug. 24, Switcheo released its monthly reports for July 2021, which noted its new role on the Neo Council, upcoming improvements to the Demex UI, and more.

Aug. 25, GhostMarket integrated support for minting, selling, and trading NFTs on the Neo N3 blockchain. GhostMarket became the first usable dApp to be deployed to the Neo N3 MainNet. Neo users can connect to GhostMarket via the NeoLine Chrome extension or O3 Wallet (mobile and desktop), and mint NFTs on GhostMarket using GAS as payment. Future support is planned for Neon Wallet.

Aug. 26, Poly Network announced the full recovery of all US $610 million in assets stolen from a hacker two weeks ago. Additionally, the Poly Bridge cross-chain asset protocol functionality was restored for approximately 60 assets, including nNEO.  

Aug. 26, Flamingo Finance announced all cross-chain functionality had been restored to the DeFi platform. 

Aug. 26, GhostMarket announced a community contest where users who mint NFTs on Neo N3 compete for an equivalent of US $1,000 in prizes.

Aug. 27, TranslateMe announced it had reached 10% of its private funding round.

Aug. 27, GhostMarket announced its website had been translated into Japanese, Turkish, and German. 

Aug. 27, Nash CEO Kellogg Fairbank was featured in Block Chance and discussed Nash’s approach to an easy and safe cryptocurrency experience, the rising importance of digital wallets, his vision for cryptocurrency and DeFi integration with state-level solutions, and more. 

Aug. 27, O3 Labs fully restored the O3 Swap cross-chain pool functionality following the Poly Network attack. 


Aug. 30: NGD Eco Growth Director John Wang joining Crypto Titans AMA.