City of Zion have announced their second dApp competition, offering 13,500 GAS in prizes with up to 10 winners receiving 1,350 GAS each. The competition is an initiative to help build the NEO ecosystem and encourage new talent to join the NEO development community. The GAS prizes will also help with the cost of deploying the winning dApps to the NEO mainnet.

The first competition, which ended in November, succeeded in it’s purpose with developers producing many innovative and promising projects. Over the next few weeks NEO News Today will be providing features on the winning dApps from competition one. We hope that the added exposure will help the growth of these projects and inspire more developers to participate in competition number two.

Submissions for dApp competition two open on January 25th and close on February 25th, with winners being announced on March 9th. Entries will be evaluated on the following criteria –

  • Smart contract application novelty and technical impressiveness.
  • Overall impact and importance to ecosystem.
  • Quality of documentation.
  • Community presence (participation on CoZ channels).

For full competition details, visit