The full stack smart contract framework, neo-storm, brings with it the latest addition to NEO’s growing list of compilers, allowing dApp developers to write their code in Golang. These Go smart contracts are then compiled to NEO Virtual Machine (NeoVM) bytecode, ready for deployment to the NEO blockchain.

The neo-storm project was created by City of Zion’s (CoZ) Anthony De Meulemeester (@anthdm on NEO Discord). Anthony is well known as the creator of neo-go, and as the winner of CoZ’s consensus bounty with his practical implementation of the HoneyBadgerBFT consensus mechanism. Anthony also credits Jeroen Peeters (@DrPpr on NEO Discord) for his valuable contributions to neo-storm.

In addition to the Golang to NeoVM bytecode compiler, the neo-storm smart contract framework also offers a range of other useful tools:

  • NEO virtual machine
  • Smart contract debugger
  • Private network for rapid deployment and testing of smart contracts
  • Tooling for deploying smart contracts in production environments

Additional tooling is planned for future releases, including the creation of a package manager that will allow developers to create reusable modules. These modules are intended to make life much easier for dApp developers, who can use the existing trusted functions inside those modules rather than spending time attempting to design their own.

The first release candidate for neo-storm was launched on 23rd August, which can be downloaded here. Those interested in contributing are recommended to view the guidelines found here.

More information on City of Zion can be found at the links below.