DeepBrain Chain, an AI computing platform, has published a guide on its chain wallet verification service. The service will let users register to become part of the DeepBrain Chain community and to receive airdrops from the platform’s ecosystem partners.

So far, the team has airdropped two kinds of tokens: OGT from OneGame and EPR from EtainPower. It’s claimed that DeepBrain Chain plans to “invest in one to two AI companies every month, so that the DBC ecosystem becomes stronger by the day.”

OneGame (OGT) is described as being a “decentralized virtual world built on top of DeepBrain Chain” in the announcement. The platform provides tools and assets for anyone to create their own virtual worlds without programming experience. Furthermore, each world is claimed to be “self-evolving and self-governing,” by leveraging DeepBrain Chain’s algorithms and data support.

EtainPower (EPR) is a “smart energy trading platform” on DeepBrain Chain. Specifically, the platform intends to shape how “renewable energy is traded and financed.” DeepBrain Chain will provide the needed infrastructure support for EtainPower.

To qualify for airdrops, user can register their wallet by visiting DeepBrain Chain’s website here. Screenshots and instructions on how to verify wallets are provided here.

More information on DeepBrain Chain can be found at the links below.