City of Zion have released Neon Wallet v0.1.1. Major updates include support for token sale participation and customized NEP-5 tokens.

Whilst previous versions of Neon required NEP-5 token support to be hardcoded into the wallet, the new customizable NEP-5 token feature will allow users to add any token, new or old. The user will simply need to visit the assets page of their favourite NEO block explorer (such as, find the token they wish to add, copy the script hash and add it to the Tokens section of the Neon wallet settings.

Furthermore, Neon v0.1.1 enables token sale participation. The last version of Neon to support token sales was v0.0.6, which was developed to support the RPX crowd sale. This feature was removed from newer versions of the Neon wallet until a standardised recommended token sale functionality was established. This meant that NEO token sales post RPX were required to either fork Neon v0.0.6 and create a custom Neon wallet, or use a combination of Neon v0.0.6 and to allow participants to purchase and transfer tokens.

With the release of v0.1.1, users will not only be able to participate in token sales by adding custom token script hashes, but they will also be able to receive automatic refunds on ineligible contributions (if a sale has sold out, for instance), provided the token sale smart contract supports this functionality.

Various other bug fixes and improvements were also included in the wallet update such as –

  • Fixed the explorer bug, where links to the tx would always lead to the testnet (instead of the chosen network).
  • Allow filtering on the dropdown component, and fix a bug where using a backspace would trigger an error.
  • Allows NEP5 transfer to use the SC decimals, instead of a hard-coded one.
  • Fixed issues with NEP-5/GAS transfers.

There are no necessary Ledger updates required to use the Neon wallet update.

Installation files can be found at