At 6:30 pm UTC on January 18, 2018, Zeepin Chain announced they had achieved their hard cap token presale of 420,000 NEO tokens ($62.6 million). The token presale had launched just a few hours earlier at 1:00 pm UTC.

The announcement asked Zeepin investors to refrain from contributing any more NEO tokens to the Zeepin script hash or the Zeepin wallet address. Zeepin also stated, that over the next 15 days they will refund tokens that had exceeded the personal cap to the original address of the wallet provided by the token sale investor.

To address issues of those who attempted to contribute to the presale, but were met with difficulties, Zeepin asked investors to send the following information to

1. A detailed description of the problem(s),
2. The investors sending/receiving wallet address,
3. The email address provided on the Know Your Customer (KYC) page, and
4. A screenshot.

Users who experienced issues can expect to hear back from Zeepin within three business days.

In the Zeepin white paper, the initial amount they had expected to raise was 700,000 NEO tokens. However, Zeepin decreased the amount of NEO tokens sought during the token sale due to the increase in the value of NEO over the past few months.

The token presale sold 500 million ZPT, or 50% of the total 1 billion token supply, and investors received a 30% bonus of ZPT. The minimum contribution was one NEO token and a maximum personal cap of 300 NEO tokens. Since the hard cap was reached within the first day of the token presale, there will be no crowdfund sale.

The remaining 50% of the ZPT tokens will be allocated in the following manner:

– 20% to be used as a provision for community development,
– 20% to be held by founding members of the team and early supporters, and
– 10% to be used in the research and development fund.

by Dylan Grabowski