On January 19, 2018, Next.Exchange made the announcement NEO and GAS are ‘planned’ for integration on the exchange platform in the near future.

The announcement was made after the near month-long campaign launched on December 17, 2017, which was lead by voters who sought the NEO/GAS pair to be listed on the exchange. Next.Exchange acknowledged the NEO community for their role in getting the pair listed on the trading platform after 1,100 votes were casted.

Next.Exchange is a Dutch-based, decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies and token sales currently in development. The exchange plans offers pool trading, community trading, mining pool investments, Initial Coin Offering (ICO)/token sale launches, fully managed investment funds, and a referral program. Additionally, the platform aims to integrate trading between fiat currency, cryptocurrency, traditional assets (like company shares), and digital assets. Each token trade or sale that takes place through the exchange is recorded onto the ledger directly.

Only 50 up-votes per day are allowed during the voting process, to eliminate abuse from automated bot voting and to provide new cryptocurrency investors with fair opportunity to have their vote recognized. Once 250 votes have been reached the Next.Exchange team will begin the due diligence process for the listing.

You can visit the website at Next.Exchange, and contact the team through their TelegramTwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.