Following the recent launch of its Neo3 preview explorer, COZ has issued an update that adds the ability for users to view contract manifests, notifications, and dynamically convert between types for events.

The Neo3 preview explorer can be accessed here.


Manifest files are a new feature in Neo3 that are required when deploying a smart contract. These files make it easy to understand what methods the contract has available, what (if any) groups it belongs to, and other useful information.

By implementing manifest data into its explorer, COZ aims to make this content easily accessible for users looking to learn about how a particular contract operates. Each manifest file exposes a contract ABI, showing developers how the contract can be invoked programmatically.

This makes it easier for developers to build applications that automatically interact with contracts, and improve security for mutual invocations by making operations more explicit.

Notifications and Type Conversion

Notifications are messages that are emitted by contracts when events such as transfers are triggered. These notifications display the data associated with the event for a given transaction, such as the addresses involved in a transfer or the token quantity being transferred.

Values like these are returned by Neo contracts in the form of a bytearray, which must then be interpreted by the developer or application that is evaluating the output. To make the event information more readable for developers that are reviewing this data, COZ has added the ability for users to interactively convert between types.

This makes it easy for users to review the results of an invocation, for example letting them convert unreadable hexstrings into legible Neo addresses without needing to use any additional tools other than the explorer itself.