COZ has released a new version of Mamba, its Python SDK for the Neo blockchain. The update, version 2.2.0, brings several enhancements to the API and PEP-561 compatibility.

The latest release brings notable changes to the API, including a revision to prevent throws occurring on FAULT VM states in the method for calculating system fees. Another API improvement is the inclusion of the NeoAddress type as a valid parameter in the transfer_friendly function.

Other changes include an increased timeout value to improve API receipt fetching on Windows, and a new helper function for deserializing data serialized using the StdLib native contract.

Mamba v2.2.0 is the first update to be PEP-561 compatible for better integration with other Python tooling, such as mypy.

The full changelog for Mamba v2.2.0 can be accessed at the link below: