Forthewin Network has expanded its platform with the integration of Ethereum and Polygon networks, with support for features such as Swap, Farm, and Smith, as part of its multi-chain strategy for 2023.

FTW Bridge & expansion

In July 2023, Forthewin introduced its own FTW Bridge to Polygon, which has now also been expanded to Ethereum. Users can use the bridge to swap between NEP-17 NEP tokens on Neo and ERC-20 NEP tokens on both Polygon and Ethereum.

As a result, the Swap and Farm features are now both open on the EVM networks. Swap allows for the trading of tokens, while Farm provides users with the ability to stake tokens in liquidity pools with the potential to earn rewards. Currently, only USDT and ERC-20 NEP tokens are supported.

Forthewin has also opened Polygon and Ethereum support in its Smith module, which allows users to create their own tokens without having to write any code. It currently supports ERC-20 token minting, in addition to its existing support of Neo’s NEP-17 standard.

NeoEVM sidechain integration

As one of the longest-running dApps in the Neo ecosystem, stretching all the way back to Neo Legacy, Forthewin has signaled its intention to be among the first projects to launch on the recently announced NeoEVM sidechain once it becomes available on the MainNet.

More information about the new integrations can be found on the Forthewin Discord: