NeoSPCC has released NeoGo v0.103.1, a hotfix update that addresses an urgent issue preventing a node from starting from the existing database in each consensus epoch.

The issue was introduced after a refactor of the NEO token native contract cache scheme. Following the change, the list of validators occasionally needed to be recalculated during native contract cache initialization. This required accessing part of the native contract cache that may not yet be initialized. The fix made it so that a direct database lookup would be used whenever the cache was unavailable.

Another bug fix was included in the release, ensuring transactions involving NEO and GAS round trips from accounts with zero balance will fail.

Though storage formats or states were not changed, full resynchronization has been recommended for node runners that require correct application logs. Nodes without logs or that do not mind minor inaccuracies in them may update without resynchronization.

The new update can be downloaded via the link below: