COZ has made the decision to sunset NeoScan, its original block explorer and API provider for Neo Legacy. The service is scheduled for discontinuation on Sep. 11.

NeoScan was in operation since June 2017 and grew to serve as the primary data source for the majority of Neo Legacy blockchain users and applications. The project is open source, built in Elixir with the Phoenix framework, and was a core component in neo-local, the first “all in one” dApp development toolkit built for the legacy blockchain.

NeoScan being used to monitor a private blockchain environment.

The move away from NeoScan began with the May 2021 launch of Dora, COZ’s redesigned blockchain explorer. As Dora supports both Neo Legacy and N3, it remains a viable option for Neo users both before and after asset migration.

For app developers, COZ also offers the Dora API, supporting both Neo MainNets and their respective TestNets.

The original announcement may be read at the link below: