General Updates

Neo Global Development released v3.6.0, the latest major upgrade to the blockchain platform. Alongside an update to .NET 7, the overhaul sees the addition of powerful new features, such as the ability to verify zero-knowledge proofs in smart contracts.

NGD released the General Monthly Report for July 2023, which noted updates on the APAC Hackathon, the Poly Network attack and its subsequent pause, and in-person and virtual events.

NGD hosted a booth at Korea Blockchain Week 2023, where Neo’s co-founder, Da Hongfei, was present. Additionally, NGD co-hosted an afterparty with Web3 partners KaratDAO, OKX, and others, with more than 1,000 RSVPs.

NGD hosted the Singapore GAS Station event, which was strategically positioned to serve as a side event in the lead-up to Token 2049. As part of the Singapore GAS Station, there were three panels, including Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Unleashing the Potential and Overcoming the Obstacles, Unveiling the Future: Exploring Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Privacy and Security, and The State of the AI and Web3 Market: Trends, Challenges, and Future Prospects.

Neo co-founder Da Hongfei will join a panel at Token 2029 entitled Unleashing Web3: Empowering Users through Decentralized Networks. The panel will begin at 2:35 a.m. (UTC) on Thursday, Sep. 14.

Battle Hardened launched the Vendor smart contract on Neo N3 MainNet and TestNet. Vendor is a token distribution tool for fledgling projects that don’t have the means to establish liquidity pools on a non-custodial exchange. The Battle Hardened Vendor allows a token creator to stock the contract with “bundles” comprising a predetermined amount of tokens that can be traded for other tokens.

World of Elements released v1.03 of the RPG, which includes more content, a day and night cycle, and various bug fixes.

GrantShares saw two new proposals put forth this week. The first, Quidli – Rewards tool for NEO, is seeking funds to build a token distribution platform that rewards community engagement on social media. The second, Community On-Chain Trading for NEO Ecosystem, is seeking funds to build an onchain copy-trading platform for token traders.

Meme2Earn released the audio for its Fireplace talk about the ambassador program, burning TIPS tokens, and more. Meme2Earn also announced that Flamingo has become the newest Meme of the Day contest sponsor.

Flamingo released FLUND statistics for Week 35 of 2023, noting approximately US $5.8 million in total value, $1.88 million in total minting rewards, and $328,000 in trading fee rewards. Flamingo also published its Community Lagoon conversation, where it discussed the parser and data sets for future incentives, the Poly Network cross-chain bridge relaunch, the upcoming launch of Flamingo v3, and more.

The Neo blockchain platform was referenced in a CoinDesk article about APAC Hackathon partner OKX’s growing focus on the Indian developer community.

NNT moderated an O3 Labs Twitter Spaces entitled Challenging CEXs – What’s Missing? The event featured panelists from GMX, Perpetual Protocol, Zignaly, and O3 Labs.

Developer Updates

NeoResearch co-founders Igor and Vitor Coelho hosted a development workshop entitled NeoCompiler Eco and Its Integration with Neo Tooling on Neo’s Official YouTube Channel.

COZ announced that the upcoming retirement of NeoScan, the Neo Legacy block explorer and API provider, will take place on Sep. 11. The developer community maintained NeoScan to offer users enough time to transition to N3 without any issues. The team opted to shut down NeoScan to focus attention on other efforts.

AxLabs released pre-registration for its 1ClickNode service that will first launch on the Neo blockchain, and aims to reduce the node launch time by a factor of hours.


Sep. 12: Neo is an official sponsor of the Meta Era Summit 2023 in Singapore.
Sep. 13 – 14: Neo is hosting COZ OneBand NFI activation at Token 2049 in Singapore.